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Getting Started with Ruby on Rails Here are some instructions to get started: For new application: One will need to do everything in shell (ssh2). One can grab a Windows SSH2 client such as PuTTy at
When Rails 1.1.0 was released, many web hosting companies who did the major upgrade experienced failed RoR applications due to incompatibilities. However some forward thinking developers avoided the downtime by "freezing" their gems. This involve...
Out of date engines and plugins We recently updated Rails to 1.1.0. One might need to upgrade the third party engines and plugins if you developed them on older Rails.
Switching Environments Rails can be run in different environments. Each will change the behaviour of your application in several ways, and can be used to help you with each stage of the dev cycle. These environments are: 1. Development - In develop...
What are the current versions? Ruby 1.8.4 Rails 1.1.0 Gems 0.8.11 To get current gem list, type in shell: $gem list