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Posted by Administrator on 24 December 2009 10:48 PM
spam lots of spam.
Let me try to help you and explain some solutions.

When an account is created, the login name for cpanel also creates a corresponding email account. By default, this email also is setup as an 'catchall' account. A 'catchall' account will accept any email address sent to the domain name, therefore, you could make up any name and the email would be successfully sent. This is a big problem for most people if you dont require this.

Yes there are a few things that you can do to reduce spam.

Enable SpamAssassin

Login to your control panel under, 'Mail' --> 'SpamAssassin' and 'Enable'

If you enable 'Spam Box' it collects all the spam. However it does not purge it unless you do it manually, which can cause problems if you dont have a lot of space. We would recommend you to leave it 'Disabled' and the spam will be automatically deleted.

Disable the 'catchall' feature

Login to your control panel under, 'Mail' --> 'Default Address' --> 'Set Default Address'

There is a note the says, 'Hint: You can enter :blackhole: to discard all incoming unrouted mail or :fail: no such address here to bounce it. If you wish to send to multiple address, please seperate them with a comma (,)

We recommend to set it to ':fail:' Then click 'Change' to save.

BUT by setting this feature to ':fail:' you have also disabled this account. If you like to use this username, then you'll need to re-create this account.

Login your control panel under, 'Mail' --> 'Manage/Add/Remove Accounts' and create your new email account.

Take note that your login name is changed now also.

All email accounts that you create, your login name is your full email address.

Just remember that now if you clicked 'Webmail' from the main control panel, the mailbox will probably be blank cause it checks the main account only.

To check the emails you created you can go:


Login your control panel under, 'Mail' --> 'Manage/Add/Remove Accounts' --> click 'Read Webmail' beside the email address you wish to check.

Hope that helps.

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